The Hoosier Tire Burnout Video

This is so cool. Watch this video as they burn out the Hoosier Tire producing massive thick smoke.

Hoosier Tire’s Robert and Joyce Newton

50sIt all started during the 50’s decade when the couple Robert and Joyce Newton started at the racing in the state of Indiana, USA. Bob who is the driver in that racing competition along with other driver were not satisfied with the tires they use in the track. And then the rest is history as Robert and Joyce Newton started producing their own race tires, the Hoosier Tires. The picture in the right side is one of the memorable piece of their racing history and the company’s history.

Hoosier Tire Presents the Winner of Lucas Oil 75 at Bullring

The winner of the Lucas Oil 75 was Chris Gerchman from Lake Havasu City Arizona. Gerchman was presented by the Hoosier Tires for the SuperClean Modified Series. Gerchman wins the race when at lap 29 Hamm and James Cole made contact. As both Hamm and Cole slows down, Gerchman seized the moment to take the lead and winning the race.

Hoosier Tires Joins MyBlogLog

mybloglogAs you may have notice, there is a new badge at the right side of the blog. That badge means I am a member of the MyBloglog community. This blog of the Hoosier Tires is now officially a member of the MyBloglog Community. With this we can share all of the information we have here to the MyBlogLog community.

A 1957 Chevrolet Corvette using a Hoosier Tires

A legend on the road using a Legend tires.

Hoosier Tires Now Has Its Own Apparels

I know there are lots of  auto enthusiasts in here who love to watch motor racing.  When you watch these racing on tv you get to see the spectators wears their respective favorite team apparels. Ever wonder how they get those apparel? There are lots of boutique or stores outsides those racing venue which you can buy those apparels and clothing. But you may ask,  “How they hell can i get that? I am miles away from the venue.” You can buy them now via online.

With the Hoosier Racing Tires team, they have their own online store which you can get your own Hoosier Racing Tires team Apparel. Just go to their respective stores online and get those cool apparels now.

hoosier racing apparels

A Dog Playing an Old Hoosier Tire

Yesterday i was surfing the Youtube for strong dogs. guess what i have found. A Very strong dog playing with an Old Big hoosier Tires. LOL! I guess the topic suits in here because of the Hoosier Tires. Enjoy!